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party. in fact, that's not the case. enterprise law in china requires a kfc china or walmart china or cisco china or hauwei to allow for the existence of a communist party committee within the organization. hauwei, like these other companies, allows for that existence. the communist party committee doesn't have any interaction with or influence on our business operations. >> but it's alleged by our investigators that the company did not cooperate at all with the investigation. is that true? and if so, why not? if there's nothing to hide, if the company did nothing wrong, why not cooperate? >> oh, that's a great point. the company cooperated immensely. we hosted the staff in washington in december and then in china in february and members and staff in hong kong in may, with our ceo. we responded to multiple ent interrogatories, delivered reams and reams of paper. while we were with transparency and good faith, we got a book-long press release that launched the investigation last november. >> they go into quite a lot of detail in the report itself, and a lot of it, hauwei, they say,
of laws, regulations that are built for an analog world that we need to break down. the rogers bill goes a long way towards doing that. i think that there's a lot of investment we could unleash in this space. we have to get out some of the regulatory underbrush that currently exists. >> all right. you heard it first here, folks. something we'll probably be talking about in the weeks and months to come. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. >> you bet. >>> money spinner or money burner? amazon's billionaire ceo says the online retailer sells its kindle e-readers at cost. we're going to debate whether that's a smart strategy on the other side of the break. >>> and from one billionaire to another. >> let's say if i wanted to buy something like the los angeles lakers, i could go buy the los angeles lakers. they're not for sale. >> but you'd like to buy them? >> oh, sure. i'd love to buy the lakers. >> was the dye already cast there? larry ellison speaking about liking the lakers just a couple weeks ago. turns out he may be bidding on the company that owns them. our wealth editor comi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2